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Calling Bullshit On Bushwick

A worthy observation from the NYPress Best of Manhattan issue:

Best Real Estate Term: East Williamsburg
Oh, no you don't. Okay, real estate brokers, we're stuck with Soho. Nolita is now common vernacular. And we'll even allow your mid-80s renaming of the Lower East Side as Greenwich's sister, the East Village. But we're calling bullshit on Bushwick.

Williamsburg, at its extreme boundaries, maybe stretches to the L's third, possibly fourth stop. We'll give you that territory to charge parent-backed NYU students $1800 for a two-bedroom, aluminum-sided firetrap walkup. Stuff your pockets on their cool-chasing folly. Yet don't try tricking us by renaming the arson-ravaged, poverty-pockmarked, industrial sinkhole that is Bushwick as East Williamsburg.

And, yeah, the crazy kids at the Press dubbed this website "Best Blog for Real Estate Whores." Hope y'all are as flattered as we are.
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