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Real Estate Gossip Du Jour

1) Regarding the Forward Building, a Curbed reader notes, "according to a broker @ Elliman, the Forward Building won't be converted into condos for at least 6-8 months. the Chinese woman who now owns it was trying to sell it for $25 million before deciding to do the conversion herself."

2) Gawker has the scoop on a wacky Mario Batali rental above Babbo for $10k/month: "The tenant will receive a monthly dinner and wine for four for the duration of the lease. The catch to this unusual deal? Dinner will be served in the apartment."

3) Also in the food king realm, the Post's Braden Keil reports that restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow is buying three contiguous condos on an upper floor of Trump Tower on Fifth Ave, where he's long rented.