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Brokers Multiplying At Alarming Rate

Terrifying news?Manhattan real estate brokers are multiplying at a rate far faster than we'd ever dared imagine. Reports the NYT,

More than 350 people take the state real estate exam at 9:30 a.m. every Tuesday at 123 William Street in New York. According to the New York Department of State, 13,609 people took the sales license test between Jan. 1 and June 25, up from 9,680 for the corresponding period in 2002. There are so many newcomers in the field that another test time has been added to accommodate the overflow.
Furthermore, a fair sum of these brokers also work as?brace yourself?actors and actresses. Says DwellingQuest's Jay M. Heydt, "You can make quadruple the income of tending bar all night. Are they going to serve somebody's steak or sign a lease and eat their own steak at the end of the day?" Please, don't answer that question.
· Hi, My Name Is Sam, and I'll Be Your Broker [NYTimes]