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Craig Newmark, Manhattan Apartment Vigilante

We're reading about Craigslist's Craig Newmark everywhere these days, as he spreads his gospel of "give people a break" across this great land. Has anyone gotten under his skin? Uh, guess who!

Has anyone made moral compromises that have affected craigslist users?
Apartment brokers in Manhattan.

Now you're talking evil.
They can be very aggressive. We get complaints that they'll list apartments on craigslist as having no fees, then try to extract a fee when people show up. That's a difference of two months' rent.

I've dealt with those folks. They're pretty tough. How do you stand up to them?
I call them. I say this is Craig from craigslist. They say "Oh yeah, and I'm the Easter Bunny."

Funny, that's our stock response whenever the libel lawyers call.
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