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Fall Food Report #2: Caf

Pouring over the fall food previews these last few days (hat tips to NYMag, TONY, SLNY, DailyCandy, Citysearch, et al), we've come to one conclusion: we never want to read another word about Gray Kunz and his long-delayed Time Warner Center eatery Café Gray as long as we live.

New York Times: "If Mr. Kunz, burly and still cherubic looking despite rimless granny glasses and years of emotional wear and tear, is back in the limelight, it is without the four-star ambitions."

New York Mag: "I spent hours and hours designing these bread stations, and we've also worked out the way to have our butters at the right temperature."

Time Out New York: "Kunz has priced Café Gray gently: An average dinner will cost $65."

Someone, anyone: please, make it stop.
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