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THOR Update: Reservations Now Accepted

Hotel news weblog HotelChatter ventures to the Lower East Side to take stock of The Hotel on Rivington, recently slated for a September opening (after previous scheduled openings in September '03, December '03, and Spring '04). How are things looking on the fourth turning? Says HotelChatter,

The scene definitely hinted that the hotel was at least a month away from opening. However, Hotel on Rivington staffers politely disagreed, suggesting a mid September opening is in the works. (umm, isn?t that next week?). Sounds unlikely to us. What is more likely? How ?bout October 1st, that is the first day hotel staff would allow us to make a room reservation, so they must be at least somewhat confident the doors will be open at that point.N.B. "The introductory rate is $195.00, and the only way to currently make reservations is buy phone. (212.475.2600, ask for reservations)." Go on?we dare you.
· Hotel On Rivington: A mid September open? [HotelChatter]