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Rental Special: $75,000/Month

A Curbed reader emails regarding the $35,000/month Upper West Side rental apartment, "Is that the highest rental price NY Mag could find? Those rookies!" Digging into the archives, we note that last August, the Post's Braden Keil reported:

We found a swell 10-room furnished apartment in the Ritz-Carlton on Central Park South for $75,000 a month. And the owner of the apartment, former Tyco exec Mark Swartz, can certainly use all of it...

The high-floor, park-facing condo has four bedrooms, five baths, a media room, gym, library, formal dining room and a breakfast room. Residences can get room service from the hotel below. Is it all worth it? "Absolutely not," laughed one broker. "It could possibly rent for $40,000."