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Daily News Discovers "LoHo"

Is someone at the Daily News on the payroll of Jacob Goldman's Loho Realty? Cuz the paper goes wild for a neighborhood monicker that's never quite caught on, penning a story about a hip new neighborhood called Loho. Where exactly is this Loho? The Daily News is vague, writing, "Rooted within the lower East Side, LoHo (Lower than Houston) possesses all the charisma and diversity we've come to expect from downtown."

It seems they're talking about the upper Orchard Street area?but wait, there are also restaurants Below Delancey referenced in the story. So, hmmm. Loho isn't merely "rooted within" the Lower East Side?it is the Lower East Side. What a special day for this forgotten area of the city. Notes LES Loho blogger, "Thank god. I felt so ignored by all those other publications that never, ever write about us."
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