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Bistro Du Vent Doesn't Suck

What's this? Tasty food in the Theater District? So says blogger Gotham Gal, who checks out Bistro du Vent, the newly opened restaurant from Esca's David Pasternack (plus backing from Mario Batali). Her take:

All and all, I'd absolutely go back. There is a bar you can sit at if you can't get in. It wasn't that busy last night but I would bet that will change soon. The location is a bit far, 42nd between 9/10th but it certainly hasn't hindered the success of Esca on 43rd literally on the other side of the bistro. The area is continuing to grow and change. Also, there are so few good restaurants in the theater district, lots of restaurants but not such good food.
Also, lots of musicals but not such good musicals.
· Bistro du Vent [Gotham Gal]