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Live From Real Estate Direct: Inside the NYP Home Empire

Live on tape delay, at least. Yesterday afternoon's session about NYC real estate listings sites, featuring CityRealty, and RealtyMX, was ruled with an iron fist by moderator Alison Rogers, the editor of the NYPost's Saturday real estate section. Some bon mots from Ms. Rogers, whom we adore:

Ali Rogers: "We just ran some focus groups, which is very unusual for the New York Post. What are focus group said was, people who like the web love the web. They want floorplans and photos. They're crazy; they're on it. The ones who do not like the web said it was a matter of too much clutter."

"There's something I call the bachelor's dilemma. You don't want to marry the first girl you kiss. People say, 'Where should I live?' They never want to hear the first answer. They want to feel like they've shopped..."

"I think brokers often release information to my paper that the seller didn't want released... I've gotten irate phone calls. The seller says, 'I did not release this.' I say, 'Somehow it came to me."

"The sold and closed data you see in the Post, and so far as I know the Times, is not fact-checked. It comes from one source. We accept it." ...

"[The Post] is only 50 cents. If you haven't read it, please read it."
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