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Fire Sale at Gramercy Park Hotel!

A Curbed correspondent reports from the Gramercy Park Hotel on East 23rd, where a furniture firesale is underway:

Gramercy Park Hotel, one of the bastions of New York drinking and decadence, has been bought [by Ian Schrager]. Years of abuse by musicians and celebrities such as Keith Richards means that it has to close at the end of January for at least a year for refurbishment. Consequently, last Friday they started selling off all the contents of the hotel rooms?everything from a nightstand lamp to the carpets! The crowd is a mix of people from bargain hunters to tourists passing by to preppy couples looking for something noteworthy. Each item in the rooms is marked with a code and a price for you to tell the cashier downstairs. Note the full mirrored suites on 17?and the empty cans of Bud next a full ashtray, like the guests literally just left.

More on the sale, and bargains galore, after the jump. Furniture falls into two categories: