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More From Red Hook: 160 Imlay Developers Are Sad

While Ikea squares off with preservationists on Beard Street, the dispute over 160 Imlay Street about whether or not to let the old waterfront building go condo continues apace. In a NYPost op-ed, a writer argues that Judge Yvonne Lewis should let residential development there move ahead, in part because it will serve as a lure for a cruise-ship terminal:

The building is now standing unprotected and open to the elements while its developers lose millions of dollars and workers lose hundreds of construction and service jobs. Yet the project, a paragon of good planning principles, is exactly what the waterfront needs. It destroys nothing, displaces no one and rehabilitates a historic building.
Pity the poor developers? Neighborhood blogger Redhooky is skeptical: "Take the piece with a grain of salt?the Manhattan Institute is a conservative think tank, with a pretty clear neo-liberal/'free market' agenda." (N.B. Judge Lewis is slated to rule on 160 Imlay by January 17.)
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