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The Last Days of Luna Lounge

With Ludlow Street's Luna Lounge being forced out at the end of February to make way for condos, owner Rob Sacher emails friends of the bar:

To friends of Luna Lounge:

We have had many people ask us if we are planning on having a final party before we close. We are not planning on having a last night blow out party as we could never hold the thousands of folks who would want to get in. It would be no fun to be packed into the club. Rather, we are asking people to come in a lot over the next several weeks and support your favorite bands who will be performing THEIR LAST SHOWS at Luna Lounge... Please go to and sign our email list so we can let you know to where we will eventually relocate.

i do promise to make the new Luna Lounge even better than the old one although it most certainly will not be on Ludlow street...

Godspeed, Luna Lounge.
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