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Pomeranc's Allen Street Hotel: Domination!

Yet more hotel news! A Curbed reader notes that in our holiday haze, we missed an update on Jason Pomeranc (he of 60 Thompson)'s proposed boutique hotel on upper Allen Street (@ Houston/Stanton). Reported the NYT:

Perhaps nothing, though, will change the face of Allen like the proposed new hotel, still unnamed, which will tower over the street and certainly raise objections from those who frequently oppose out-of-scale projects... The hotel is also supposed to have bars, restaurants and an outdoor pool and will have two entrances, one on Orchard Street and the other on Allen, which Michael Pomeranc, the developer, calls a ''boulevard in the raw.''...

Some of those stores will be razed when the hotel, which will take 75 feet of frontage on Allen, starts construction this winter, and tenants have been told that construction is expected to continue for at least a year and a half.

A year and a half of construction? Yes, it's part of that LES destruction that gets us so hot and bothered. Anyone know for sure if this project is a go?
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