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Party Time at Presbyterian Hospital

So you can get a room at the Gramercy Park Hotel for $99 a night through the end of the month. What to do after that? Hotel weblog HotelChatter has an idea: crash at the New York Presbyterian Hospital on the Upper East Side:

I was a little creeped out when I found out that most hospitals have hotel accommodations that anyone off the street can book for a holiday. But it's actually a great deal, especially if you're visiting an expensive city like NYC. New York City's Presbyterian Hospital rents out hotel style apartments for families of patients, and also visitors to the area, as rooms are available. You're not staying right next door to a patient, but you are in a medical facility so you need to be comfortable with that idea before calling to inquire.
HotelChatter says, "Would feel kind of weird to take advantage of this." We say, "Party time!!"
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