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Curbed Readers Write: Upper East, Lower East & Hideous Crap

1) Regarding the closing of Luna Lounge: "So what's left on Ludlow Street now? El Sombrero, Max Fish and that grilled cheese joint? LES has gone to crap! Luna's owners say they may look to Williamsburg. Maybe they can take the old Sin-é space on N. 8th between Bedford & Berry that's been vacant for like 4 1/2 years. They'd be right behind that 22-story condo everyone's up in arms about."
2) The remaking of the upper LES is spreading to Essex Street, too: "We park our car at the lot on Essex Street and Houston and were told this evening that the land has been bought and construction on something, they know not what, will begin soon. Oh, yay! I know it's no news to you, but ugh?the hideous buildings that are being thrown together all over the East Village and Lower East Side without regard to surrounding architecture or scale or human services available. Even the ugly post-war middle-income housing development between Ave. A and 1st Ave is stepped back from the streets and has green space around it. Am I blue? You'd be, too."
3) Regarding a townhouse for sale on East 65th: "That Shvo listing is nice. I remember waiting and watching that house on 65th st for what seems like months while the place sat with its facade sheared off down to the raw bricks a few years ago. I thought, 'Dude had it all in the NASDAQ and now he can't finish his renovation. Bummer.' But it turned out they were just waiting for delivery of this AWESOME full-height, full-width, all-curved glass bay window (above) to arrive. The parlor floor's almost all glass, you can see straight through to the garden from the street (of course, so can everybody going in and out of Daniel across the street)."