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NYC Neighborhood Crib Sheet

The Morning News' Rosecrans Baldwin, shouldering the Sisyphean task of offering one-size-fits-all advice for NYC tourists, boils down hot city neighborhoods to their essence:

Wild generalizations that are mostly true about popular destinations: the Union Square area is a wasteland when it comes to drinking; SoHo is a dead zone; TriBeCa is hard to navigate; the Meatpacking District should be destroyed; Canal street is blowing up; NoLiTa is pretentious; the West Village has few places worth pursuing after sunset; and Chelsea is fun for boys unlike ourselves.
Dude, NoLiTa is so not pretentious! Take that back or we're gonna have the Seize Sur Vingt kids team up with Duncan Quinn to administer a beatdown.
· The Non-Expert: When In Manhattan... [The Morning News]