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Fort Greene Open House Report: Free Sushi!

It's one thing to email us reports of your open house excursions. (And please do! We love them!) It's another to create an entire blog to chronicle your adventures at a particular open house, as Brooklyn blogger ltjbukem did for his recent excursion to the Greene House Condos. His experience may encourage others to venture to the outer boroughs:

The broker Jerry Minsky came in and made everyone sign in. They bought in two plates of sushi for the open house-go-ers! When was the last time or even the first time that anyone had food at an open house? Note only that, they bought in some huge heaters since it was freezing outside and the apartments did not have heat yet.Plus, don't miss the bonus photos of stainless steel appliances and toilets! (Apartments run from the high $500,000s to $1.2 million.)
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