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Murray Hill Hipsters: The Final, Well-Lubricated Word

Leave it to Brooklyn real estate guru/famewhore Alan Corey to supply the coda on today's ongoing debate about Murray Hill hipsters. He emails:

The reason there won't be (and never will be) hipsters in Murray Hill is because the majority of British bar owners in the neighborhood cover their toilets with WD-40 to prevent bargoers from snorting cocaine off them. Every British pub owner knows "cocaine and spray lube don't mix," and that's why it ain't hip.
Mr. Corey helpfully has supplied a link to buttress his argument. And, he's asked us to be his Friendster. Life, in short, is good.
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UPDATE: Okay, the final, final word: a Curbed reader emails, "Straight from the vox populi: Google results for "Murray Hill hipsters".