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Murray Hill Hipsters: Paradox... or Hippest of Them All?

Curbed readers continue to debate the existence/nonexistence of Murray Hill hipsters. From our inbox:

I thought Murray Hill hipsters was an amusing paradox, the new definition of undesirable wannabes, who you definitely would NOT want at your straining-to-be-hip club. Like B&T used to be, before all the hipsters moved across the East River.
Made sense to us. But then another correspondent stepped up with an even more devious theory:
At first I thought the author was being ironic, as in "there is obviously nothing hipster-ish about living in Murry Hill." And was using that irony to imply that NA on a Saturday night was full of what seemed to be dweebs (a wonderful, underused word that implies that spiky-in-the-front-short-on-the-sides-Wilson-the volley-ball-from-Castaway-haircut, french blue shirts, black pants, and square toed loafers).

But then I realized that the author was giving us a wonderful gift... by letting us peak in on the future of cool... because, in its own Mobius loop kind of way, living in Murry Hill is actually more hip (according to the rules of "Irony") than living in Williamsburg or the Lower East Side. In fact, living in Murry Hill is almost the most hip place one can possibly inhabit, with living in Westchester County as the only topper.

Inside, our correspondent expands on the theory. We're hard pressed to disagree.
In essence, these front runners of the new cool are making a statement that says... nay, screams... "I am so hip, and so ironic, I have chosen to live in the most boring place I could find, to dress like a junior investment banker, and spend my Thursday nights at Paddy McIrish's on the corner of Third avenue and Twenty(take your pick) street because its ironic. Get it, get it?".

It's like watching the birth of a star. Simply glorious.

Pls note that the fact that I lived exactly that life 5 yrs ago, does not infact make me cool. Or if it does, it makes me so cool, that I actually appear much less cool when in fact, I am beyond cool.

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