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Christo to Journalistos: Get It Right, You Morons

Christo, whose Gates are rising in Central Park, has a helpful website feature to correct mistakes in the media about his work:

The Game of Errors: There are six errors in the following published short sentence: "Christo wrapped some islands in Florida, off the coast of Miami in Key Biscayne with pink plastic."

1.-2. Christo and Jeanne-Claude never wrapped any Islands. They surrounded the islands. Most journalists do not understand the difference between wrapping and surrounding even though they should know that the United Kingdom is surrounded by water, it is not wrapped in water...

[...29 additional paragraphs redacted...]

This from a man who, New York reports, has a fondness for raw garlic: "'Sometimes he comes down to eat raw garlic, which he eats three times a day,' says Jeanne-Claude. 'A total of one head of garlic a day, raw, like candies. With some yogurt. And sometimes a glass of soy milk. That takes him about three minutes. Then back to the studio.'"
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