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When Clubs Go Wrong: Cue the Murray Hill Hipsters

Twin reports from clubland. At NA on West 14th Street, the Observer's Jessica Joffe finds a sad, sad scene:

NA is already stalling, less than half a year after it opened its doors to New York's ennui-ridden nocturnals. Not one, but two whole floors of nothing much but dead, crispy banana plants, NA seems to attract neither the fashionably uptown-downtown types who can't help but frequent Bungalow 8 nor the undiscriminating spendthrifts at Marquee. It draws a nouveau pauvre kind of girl and boy, but their shoes are too conventional, the hair too symmetrical, their cheeks just not sunken enough?Murray Hill hipsters [ed?such a subspecies exists? more investigation needed!], pimply N.Y.U. juniors, second-tier art-school graduates.Separately, blogger Kill the Bird rejoices over the news on Page 6 today that Plaid on East 13th (above) is closing: "Do we crack open the champagne now (it's 8AM) or wait until a more likable time (830AM)? Yaaaaaay!!!!"
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