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Further Evidence Architects are the New Rock Stars

Last night, the Master-Disaster Architects Duel saw two teams of architects competing to build the most magnificent model at a Tribeca bar. A Curbed reader reports from the scene:

Two teams. Two star architects. One looked like the lead singer of a early 90s MTV band. The other looked like the keyboardist of the same band. Two assistants. One looked like the backup singer of a early 90s MTV band. The other looked the cello player of the same band. They had to design a skyscraper on the moon and build a model of it. The resulting designs were: 1) the land rover from Star Wars with a tube on the top.
2) I think it was a footstool with a model rocket on the top.

I don't know who won. I'd go again. My feet hurt.

Also in attendance was photoblogger Youngna, who captured the above shot and a slew of others. Which only leaves the most important question unanswered: like, who won?
· Master-Disaster Architects Duel [Youngna]
· More Master-Disaster Architect's Duel [Flickr] UPDATE: DS+R GOES DOWN! Archinect reports, "A Diller, Scofidio + Renfro team member reports that Smith-Miller+Hawkinson's Jason Carlow beat Matthew Johnson of DS+R. Our source tells us that the SM+H-er may have won the popular vote, but DS+R 'exuded more class and style.' The turnout was 'around 350 people.'"