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Sunset Park: The Insider's Guide

A Curbed correspondent inside the real estate industry sends along the definitive need-to-know guide for those thinking of living in Sunset Park. After the jump, the scoop on DUBQUE (Down Under the Brooklyn Queens Expressway), NYC's largest Chinatown, and, um, Dyker Heights.

If anyone knows anything about Sunset Park, these attributes should not be missed:

The first tourist site is the monolithic BQE that tears through 3rd Avenue throughout Sunset Park. This metal airport rises from abyss below Caroll Gardens to make property along 3rd Avenue a dirty shadow. And luckily if the BQE is backed up, 3rd Avenue becomes the secondary highway. And when that avenue clogs, 4th Avenue also becomes clogged.

The second tourist site is NYC's unmentioned largest Chinatown. The area stretching around 7th / 6th Avenue is in fact the largest concentration of Asian people in the city. Flushing being only second to here. While the area around 4th Avenue is generally Puerto Rican and Hispanic, they pale in comparison.

Finally, the newly planned recycling plant near the water and the many industrial buildings and warehouses along the water might be the next big DUBQE (Down Under the Brooklyn Queens Expressway). The only difference being that you are not really that close to the city and the closest food store is at a minimum 4 avenues away. So much for TRENDY in that area.

But considering the problems with the BQE, traffic and lack of shopping and food stores, I am guessing that most lesbians will probably aim for DYKER HEIGHTS - I don't know but maybe that place is just calling out to them?
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