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Handy Map of Brooklyn Neighborhoods

"So just where the hell is Sunset Park, anyway?" emails a Curbed reader. Yes, it's time to play Know Your Brooklyn Gentrifying Neighborhoods! The map above, jacked from, shows Sunset Park in the lower left corner. We've added arrows to trace the lesbian migration from Park Slope to Windsor Terrace (2003-2004) and now to Sunset Park (2005-).
· Department of Planning City Maps []
· Lesbians Decamp Park Slope for Sunset Park [Curbed]
· Lesbians Colonizing Windsor Terrace [Curbed]

UPDATE: A Curbed reader emails, "Interestingly, the red arrows also represent the expansion of the southern border of Park Slope according to numerous sketchball realtors: Windsor Terrace = South Slope; Sunset Park = Really Fuckin' South Slope."