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Sunset Park: The New Hotness?

With Park Slope-deprived lesbians moving in, Sunset Park in Brooklyn is coming up in the world. A Curbed reader confirms this hypothesis, writing, "With stores like George Michael Mens [sic] Suit House in Sunset Park it's no surprise the gays are moving in droves." She continues:

I'm not sure about the dyke contingent, but I do think there's something to this Sunset Park migration despite the neighborhood never making any hot lists. I lived there (well, technically in that area between the cemetery and federal prison that realtors have started calling Greenwood Heights). From 2001-2004, no one had any idea where it was. Then last weekend, I overheard a store clerk in Park Slope talking to a landlord on the phone about looking at an apartment in Sunset Park, my best friend went to a housewarming in Sunset Park, and I met a guy at a party who'd just moved to, yes, Sunset Park. Maybe I gave up on the neighborhood too soon?Condos at St. John's Condos in the neighborhood are priced as high as $1 million, though most are in the $500,000 range. In 2009, when George Michael's Mens Suits closes to make way for the latest Brooklyn outpost of the Mario Batali empire, don't say we never did anything for you.
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