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Craigslist Merging with (in Parallel Universe)

Our favorite Craigslist conspiracy theorist, Peter Everhard, is at it again. This week, he's predicting a merger of Craigslist with brought on by the meddling of Craigslist minority shareholder eBay:

While it is now clear that an idiot republican will be in the White House for another four years, I don't think that it will become legal to kill people in business who just want to get by any time soon. I could be wrong on this. So, it is not likely that ebay and an association of newspapers and apartment listing services will actually get together and have Craig Newmark killed. I could be wrong on this as well.

But, something has to be done to get this Craig Newmark clown out of everyone's way; and soon. I submit to you that the best and most likely method of disposing of Craig Newmark is for ebay to give him to play with.

Jesus, where's Inman News on this story?
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