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Times Square, It's Everywhere You Want To Strip

An important NYT story today about a new strip club operator making his way in the big city indicates that Times Square isn't a location?it's a state of mind, baby:

"Because they're a chain, they can market that they've got a location in Times Square," said Lynne B. Sagalyn, the author of "Times Square Roulette: Remaking the City Icon" (The MIT Press, 2001). "If they're marketing it in Texas, they don't even need to know that 33rd Street is not Times Square."
Notes a Curbed reader, "Perhaps we should be rooting for Times Square to expand south to 23rd Street and eliminate that commericial limbo that tugs between the dual unhip monkiers of 'Midtown South' and 'North Chelsea.'" Let's dare to dream... and pray for our new strip club operator, who dropped $7.6 million last week for his new joint.
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