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Curbed Readers Write: DUMBO Dissed, Lower East Slide

1) Regarding's map of Brooklyn neighborhoods: "What the F is fulton ferry??? does not recognize DUMBO?"
2) Regarding the starter-home prices on the Upper East Side, urbanist blogger Aaron Donovan emails, "10128 doesn't encompass the entire upper east side. Only the high 80s and low 90s. This is the neighborhood of Dormandy Court, the numerous frat bars of First, Second and Third Avenues, and tiny apartments far from the subway. All these things are indicators of the large numbers of recent college graduates who tend to live there. In other words, it seems like it actually could be starter neighborhood for some people?at least, until the prices there jumped 85.6% in a year!"
3) About the Windemere, that abandoned building at West 57th and Ninth Ave., a Curbed reader emails, "In the late 60's and most of the 1970's, that building was infamous for the number of male hustlers who lived there. I wonder if any of them are among the remaining tenants? Hmmmm...."
4) A quick word on Lachlan Murdoch's doings in Nolita: "just so you can keep yourself updated the construction crew descended upon the interior of 11 spring street earlier this week."
5) More on the ongoing demise of the Lower East Side: "Went to the Lizzie Grubman organized opening party for Libation, the new 400 person, 3 level 'lounge' that just sprung up on Ludlow next to Inoteca. It looks exactly like Lotus, same people and everything. Gives you the feeling that the LES is gonna look like the Meatpacking District in like around 5 seconds."