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'I Love You' Fans Strike Back

We've learned an important lesson: do not taunt prolific downtown graffiti artist 'I Love You,' much less suggest that (s)he needs a spellchecker. Friday's post on that subject brought a torrent of mail from Curbed readers writing in defense of the mystery lover:

1) "Have to defend 'i love you.' (s)he knows how to spell, just not how to dot the i's (well, at least not always). See attached pic (above), taken at Orchard and Hester."
2) "Quite frankly, I don't think the person who tags 'I love you' is the one who wrote 'quiete frankly.' It looks liks someone added that on and barely left space between the horrible comma and 'I.' The hand writing is also different?sloppy and uncharacteristic of the true tagger's usual style. And from the look of your photo, it looks like a slightly cooler red."
3) "I just saw your post about this graffiti artist and wanted to let know that he spelled 'quite' correctly on some shutters on the NW corner of Orchard and Hester (with 'quite literally,' on one shutter and 'I love you' on the other). He also graced the northern wall of the Lobster Farm on Allen Street (adjacent to my building's entryway at 46 Allen) with the phrase 'I love you so much.' It cheers me up every time I exit my building."

For the record, we love 'I Love You,' too. So much.
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