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Greenwich Village, Chelsea Bring Out the Drunks

As part of the news that every walking adult in New York City has a drinking problem, the City has been kind enough to reveal the heaviest-drinking neighborhoods in NYC. We can't think of a better way to start the week:

The study suggests that the heaviest drinking neighborhoods are Greenwich Village and Chelsea, where 32 percent of adults report drinking amounts that the report defines as excessive... then comes Gramercy Park and the Upper East Side (25.6 percent); the Upper West Side (23.5 percent); Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope (22.2 percent); and Union Square and Lower Manhattan (22.1 percent).
Missing in the survey, the NYT says, are "historic intangibles": "The Upper East Side and Park Slope, for example, have drinking cultures that stretch back decades, to times when the neighborhoods bore little resemblance to those today." May history remember the Chelsea club scene as fondly 50 years hence.
· Raising a Glass in Manhattan. Actually Lots of Them [NYTimes]