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Subway Fire Backlash: Quit Yer Bitchin'

It was inevitable. A mere 24 hours after the citywide panic about plummeting real estate values caused by the A/C subway meltdowns, the backlash is on! A Curbed reader emails:

Just wondering if you guys live in NYC? Yes, it's a drag that the A is running slower (by the way, it's still running express, not local) and the C is out. But those living in West Harlem and above have the D (one stop from 125 to 59th) & B as well as the 1, 2 and 3. New Yorkers have had to deal with many more inconveniences than this so everyone stop their bellyachin'.
Writes another:
the suggestion that real estate values will be hit in upper manhattan by the C train situation is absurd! The B train services all the same stops as the C until 145th street, and after that the A train makes 2 more stops than it usually makes, by going local from 145th to 168th to cover the two stops that the C services.

I believe it is a bit premature to make statements like this within 24 hours of the situation. My commute yesterday was maybe 8 minutes longer than usual.

Hmmm, how calm and well-reasoned. Just wondering if you guys live in NYC?
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