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Real Estate Celebrity Smackdown: Byrne, Streep Make Nice

Talking Heads' überstar David Byrne writes on his tour journal about a recent conversation with actress Meryl Streep:

Meryl Streep said hello (!) Saying "we used to be neighbors" which is true, as we both lived on the same block of 12th st a year or so ago. We'd never met. I asked if she'd ever seen the web posting that compared and contrasted her townhouse with ours when they were both up for sale last year. "Real Estate Celebrity Smackdown" I think it was called. Using images and descriptions posted by the various real estate agents they compared the exteriors, some of the rooms and the appraised value of the two houses. It was snide and pretty hilarious.Streep reportedly responded, "Eh, Curbed is crap. Digging Fleshbot, though."
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