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Harvey Weinstein's Orchid-Filled Soho Loft

Turns out Harvey Weinstein is just like us?he likes orchids, too! (My God, he's so... sensitive!) Gabriel Sherman tips us off to the Stribling listing for the 4,200 square foot loft at 158 Mercer Street that the Miramax kingpin has put on the market for $6.3 million. Not bad?until you consider the news that Rupert Murdoch (now ensconced in the $44 million penthouse at 834 Fifth) is looking to unload his 141 Prince Street penthouse for north of $30 million, a Below 14th record. (Tough break, Harvey. Let's do lunch.)
· Listing: 158 Mercer Street [Stribling]
· Murdoch Aims for Downtown Record [Manhattan Transfers]

[After the jump: more Harvey loft photos, including an exclusive peek of his commodious commode.]