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C Train No Sweat, Curbed Repents

It was inevitable. Comes news this morning that the C train will take six to nine months to repair, not the three to five year scare-mongering that was all the rage Monday. Emails a Curbed reader, "Longing and shorting nabes based on reactions within 48 hours of a confusing transit failure? Peeps need to realize they are freaking out. Using headlines like 'torched realestate values' mebbe doesn't help put things in perspective, either. whaddaya tryin to sell papers? leave it to the post." Who? Us? Sell papers? Either way, Curbed repents. Repents! Although, let's face it: Brooklyn's still screwed.
· Subway Disruption to Last Months, Not Years [NYTimes]
· Subway Fire Torches Real Estate Values [Curbed]

UPDATE: Just a coincidence that the Post quotes some of our reader reportage today? No, we wager that they're just looking for a cheap excuse to get that edgy word "FUBAR" into print.
· Property Owners Now On Wrong Side of Tracks [NYPost]