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Hotel Mania Continues on LES

Just when Lower East Siders have come to terms with THOR?and have Jason Pomeranc of 60 Thompson fame waiting in the wings to build an Allen Street pleasure palace?comes word that the hood might be getting yet another hotel. Full report from a Curbed correspondent after the jump. Rest assured, the decline of the Lower East Side is proceeding right on schedule.

A Curbed reader emails:

I've been living near the petshop on the east corner of houston and eldridge and wondering just how long the owner could possibly sit on that property (with the top 4 floors vacant and 'boarded' up). It's a funny situation, as the owner of the building and retail space (petshop/bikeshop) apparently lives on the second floor with the window covered with wood painted as cinder blocks (that are occasionally opened).

So I told my cousin, a broker here in manhattan, to talk to him and see if something could be done. Apparently he wasn't too interested in selling unless the offer was so good.

But here's the recent news: I just talked to a nearby and reliable store owner who said it was just sold for appx. $4.5 million and they're going to be adding 1-2 floors for a... HOTEL! One block from the HoJo and obviously not too far from THOR. They're going to have to do something about the noodle factory next door if they want to keep people happy though.

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