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Lower East Side's Decline Scores Media Play

If it wasn't already evident, the Decline of the Lower East Side is official with a NYPost article charting the nabe's fall from hipster grace. New evidence: the space that holds new three-ring circus Libation cost $2 million (not counting Lizzie Grubman's retainer); owner says, "We want to raise the level of what's going on around here." And: the owner of Ludlow Street's Dark Room declares his own bar over:

Jason Baron, owner of the 6-month-old bar the Dark Room, says the bridge-and-tunnel factor is so high on Friday and Saturday nights that he steers clear of his own establishment. "I go over to my friends' houses to drink," he says.
(Spoiler alert: We're quoted in the article. Whore, whore, whore &c.)
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