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Brooklyn Subway Redux: Everything's Gonna Be All Right

We promised ourselves in the shower this morning that we were gonna stop posting about the subway meltdown and its impact on real estate values. (Hey, we repented!) But Brooklyn residents convince us they're not getting a fair shake. Two Curbed readers email their views of a rosy future:

1) "As a resdient of Bed-Stuy I have to chime in here about all the hoohah regarding the closure of the C subway line and the limited service of the A. I think people are drastically overreacting. The A line seems to be back to normal and the V is running as a C. I haven't experienced any abnormal delays and in a way it's cool having the V as a C because it gives you direct access to the Lower East Side. "
2) "Anyone who's lumping Fort Greene in with Clinton Hill & Bed Stuy hasn't looked at a subway map lately. The Atlantic Avenue stop in Fort Greene is served by not only the A/C, but the 4/5, 2/3, B, D, N, Q, M, and R trains! (Not to mention the G, which is what I used to hop to Midtown via an E/V transfer in Queens?mock the G if you want, but you can always get a seat and terrorists don't know about from the G either!)"

Cue Hawaiian dance music! We're feeling so relaxed! (And we're never, ever writing about the @#*# subway screwup again. We reserve the right to mock the G Train, tho.)
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