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Gramercy Park Hotel: Everything Must Go!

It's getting down to the dregs at the close-out sale at the Gramercy Park Hotel. Archinect reports, "Monday will be the auction of all the fabulous furniture including Charlotte Periand chairs, and some of those kitschy trompe l'oeil end tables made of stacks of big books." Get while the getting's good?and, after the jump, check out a Curbed reader crowing about snagging the mail chute from the main lobby.

A Curbed reader emails:

Thanks for your information on the liquidation sale at the Gramecy Park Hotel. The hotel is an old favorite of ours and one with a tremendous amount of history. We checked the items on various floors and decided to purchase the very unique Cutler Mail Chute box off the main lobby. The particular item represents the essence of the hotel and its many famous and interesting guest. Who knows, did the mail from Joseph Kennedy, Humphrey Bogart, Babe Ruth, John Lennon, and/or Bob Dylan occupy this space at one time? This interesting artifact of an another age will someday be in big demand.
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