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Soho, Tribeca Tops For Nosebleed Rents

Since we've taken stock of the market for buying real estate, what does the New Year hold for renters? Reports the NYPost, "SoHo and TriBeCa are now the most expensive areas in the entire country to rent a pad... A loft that has about the same amount of space as a three-bedroom apartment now rents for more than $6,000 a month in the trendy area."

If it all seems too much to bear, take the advice of another NYPost story and look to the stars for astrological real estate guidance. Sample advice to Capricorns: "Abandon your stodgy insistence that your address reflect a CEO's salary, and you'll find inspiration where you least expect it: in an avant-garde neighborhood with higher street numbers and higher ground - Harlem or Washington Heights." (For double the fun, don't forget the weekly real estate horoscopes at CityRealty. Wheee!)
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