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Law And Order Goes Meier

A Curbed correspondent IMs to lash us for our sagging TV coverage:

jennybeks: i can't believe you haven't posted yet about last night's law and order criminal intent
jennybeks: which was ripped from the headlines about the richard meier bldgs
lockloct: didn't see it!
jennybeks: it was fucking hilarious
jennybeks: the president of the condo board was murdered!
jennybeks: i really didn't watch it closely enough to give incisive commentary
jennybeks: but it was totally funny. the plotline about shoddy construction and broken promises by an arrogant architect was secondary to the actual murder plotline
jennybeks: but it was a fabulous skewering of the whole meier debacle like TV Without Pity, if they gave a shit about architecture.
· Perry Street Towers: Don't Blame Meier! [Curbed] UPDATE: Chief Gothamisto Jen Chung emails, "The Criminal Intent episode also involved dangerous mold. But what was interesting was that the condo owner's apartment looked like it had a fireplace inside, but these buildings (called the "River Street Towers" I think) don't really seem like the type to have a fireplace molding in the ur-Pottery Barn style way they were decorated."