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Curbed Wants You: Call for Correspondents and Interns

As we begin the New Year, Curbed is planning content expansion?in other words, more shit to wade through on a daily basis. (Why are we doing this? We have no idea.) In any case, we're looking to fill the following, uh, "positions." Pay is minimal, but the exposure can last a lifetime.

1) Neighborhood Correspondents. If you live in, and love (or love to hate) your neighborhood, Curbed wants you to be our ears on the ground. Whatever that means.
2) Restaurant Correspondent. Curbed is seeking a dyed-in-the-wool NYC foodie to helm the site's coverage of new restaurants. Bonus points to anyone who has made out with Wylie Dufresne.
3) Architecture Correspondent. Ditto the above, but for an NYC architecture geek. Bonus points for anyone who has not made out with Richard Meier.
4) Curbed Intern. Curbed is seeking an intern to handle sundry and various editorial tasks. This is a perfect opportunity for anyone, particularly liberal arts students, seeking to pad their résumé with a gig that requires virtually no real work.

Interested in any of the above? Drop a line to and we'll roll from there.