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Roof Caves in on Open House, Now It's Dealtime!

To underline the point about open house frenzy, our pals at Brownstoner present a reader email about an open house at a $1.5 million townhouse at 142 Bergen Street in Brooklyn that was going great?until... "I notice a huge crack in the ceiling and point it out to one of the brokers and she says it's only minor thing, insisting the place is in good shape. So we proceed to the upper floor when we hear a loud crash! The ceiling caved in!" Yes, a child was almost hurt. But this is real estate, gentle readers. It's war out there!

And now, the punchline. Notes a commenter, "You know what? I betcha they got offers. Not for asking price, certainly, but when that ceiling crashed, somebody must have heard opportunity." Hear that, folks? In NYC, the sound of a ceiling caving in is the sound of scoring that townhouse for $250k below asking. Broker James Kerby is standing by!
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