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DIY Loft Update (PhD from MIT Recommended)

Felix Salmon's post about determining the value of 232 Broome Street as a potential loft conversion brought out some armchair experts in his comments. These included one 44 paragraph response, excerpted here:

Skipping a lot of the actual analysis... as i have other things to get to today (i leave you to dig through the dirty bits of the code)... i am guessing that the building is about 50' feet tall, so you could maybe squeeze another nice floor on top before it has to start getting smaller (you could certainly squeeze on a nasty 8' clg floor)... lets say that the next floor above this is anther 10' up (again- tight floors)... 10/2.7=3.7'. if the building is 37' wide to start, its already down to 24' wide after setback, stair/elevator core, etc.
Alrighty then. Nap time!
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