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Hobbyist Nuclear Devices A-OK at 232 Broome!

Regarding 232 Broome Street, the Lower East Side building we evaluated yesterday as a possible loft conversion, a Curbed reader finds a reason to value it more highly: the NYC building code covering the building allows for hobbyist nuclear devices on premises! Our correspondent writes, "Bereft of anything to do but read the 232 Broome Street memo, I actually looked up some of the citations. And what a fine reading experience it was! Behold the wonder of New York City Code:"

Section: 42-263
Maximum permitted quantities of fissionable materials

In M1 or M2 Districts, no one of the following fissionable materials shall be assembled at any one point, place, or work area on a #zoning lot# in a quantity equal to or in excess of the amount set forth herein:

Material Quantity
Uranium-233 200 grams
Plutonium-239 200 grams
Uranium-235 350 grams

In addition, any establishment which provides radiation waste disposal service in the nature of collection or storage of radioactive waste from other #manufacturing uses# shall be prohibited in M1 or M2 Districts."

There's gotta be a Bernie Kerik joke here somewhere.
· Manufacturing District Zoning Regulations [, PDF, Page 41 of 75]
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