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Munson Diner (Bullet Holes and All) Seeks New Home

On the far side of Hell's Kitchen, the storied Munson Diner (above, in its prime) has been boarded up since the summer. The Volvo dealership next door, which is expanding into the diner's lot, is still offering the boarded-up relic to anyone who wants to haul it away. The lucky soul that snags it will cart away neighborhood history, too:

He tells the Munson Diner story of the counterman who ignored a gangster's command to turn the radio down. The thug shot the radio off the shelf and left, but not before saying: "Next time, you." The bullet hole is still there... in the metal chrome.
Photograph above by blogger Eugoline, who wrote last summer, "While certainly not a classy place for a meal, the Munson was the reliable, friendly spot at the end of the block that never closed."
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