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Curbed Readers Write: Ikea & Crazy Old Cantors

1) Regarding the Ikea Red Hook travesty: "ikea's pr was more clever than you know. they preserved the gantry cranes to pay homage to the neighborhood's industrial past, made the building green to pay homage to the neighborhood's new progressive residents, and threw in waterfront access for good measure."
2) "Regarding the $25 million dollar essex street property... Part of me thinks that that is a typo on the broker's website. I am 99% sure I know the owner of that property, and im 99% sure he told me it was on the market for $5 million about 5-6 months ago. That said...he is a crazy old part time cantor who lives in complete squalor on the 2nd floor of one of his near vacant LES tenement buildings. So maybe he just jacked up the price."
3) "About that 515 Park Avenue video: one thing you quickly notice from the video, as spectacular as the apartment may be (and I have issues with the borderline gaudy design) is how the apartment is not high enough relative to the surrounding buildings. This is a significant drawback. Yes, if you swing a video camera out over the terrace ledge you get some dramatic footage of Park Avenue. But unless your idea of home bliss is counting yellow taxicabs go by like goldfish swimming upstream, the view from inside the apartment itself is limited by the buildings directly across the street. No amount of Italian glass and imported granite can change that."