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Upper East Side Theaters: All Fall Down

Sad week for Upper East Side movie fans. First came word that the historic Beekman Theater on Second Ave (@ 65th Street), immortalized in Annie Hall, is slated to be torn down this summer. That was followed by a report that the Cinema 1, 2 & 3 behind Bloomingdale's will close this spring for conversion to retail space. Particuarly unhappy about the closure of the latter is Miramax's Harvey Weinstein, who told the Post,

"To me, they're shrines of the '70s movie experience, and it would be a great loss to the city's cultural life for them to close."
Weinstein said he'd do "whatever I have to do, including financially" to save the theater. That make take some serious cash; an in-the-know Curbed correspondent emails, "If Harvey Weinstein can't stop it, that space could produce almost $3MM a year in revenue from the retail alone. Urban Outfitters just signed next door in the new residential development."
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