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79 Barrow Street: Nice Place, If You Don't Care About Privacy

Some of you were tenacious enough to make it across the threshold of the Adam Kushner penthouse this weekend, and you mostly liked what you saw. As for actually living there? That's another story. One neighbor, who spotted a stack of Corcoran flyers on the way in, calls it "stunningly innovative" but not exactly a place for the little 'uns:

Noticing the baby cribs, it's easy to imagine why they are selling. ... There's just no babyproofing an in-floor jacuzzi in the middle of the living room (and three steps from the front door). It's unfortunate the listing doesn't show a photo of the "see-through soaking tub" (clear plexi bottom viewable from the kitchen below) as it was the center of many gasps and comments.

Another visitor, who dubbed the place "worth the wait," also commented on the let-it-all-hang-out approach to design:

Every upstairs surface is either white or clear, and while that makes for great natural light at all levels, a choice seems to have been made somewhere that privacy is not really a priority here ... The jacuzzi is one example ... the upstairs shower is another (surrounded on 3 sides by glass and on the fourth by a sort of chain-mail shower curtain), and the kicker is the (doorless) upstairs bathroom, which does double-duty as the exit to the terrace.

An appearance by the unflinching designer himself after the jump.

More from our correspondent in the field:

Kushner himself was there on Saturday, speaking mediocre Italian to some guests and explaining the provenance of the apartment(s) (it was converted from two side-by-side studios) and his design ... as we left around 4:15, he was pouring wine. OH, and speaking of pouring: as beautiful as all the water drainage is in that apartment - and it is quite remarkable, really, with all sorts of shelves and troughs instead of conventional drains - there was one blemish: a huge ceiling leak in the middle of the living room! whoops....

If you missed it this time, there's a (Corcoran-sponsored) open house slated for next Sunday, noon to 2, according to the sales site. No reliable word on the forecast yet.