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On Avenue B, Crack-Ups and Markups

Updates on two Avenue B stories that we've been tracking. The Villager confirms the price rumor we reported a few weeks back for purchase of the CHARAS/El Bohio building at Avenue B and 9th Street: namely, $50m (well, we heard $60m) to $70m. (For comparison's sake, the building sold seven years ago for $3.5m.) The sellers might just be testing the market. If stringent community opposition is your thing, take a gander.

Oh, and The Villager—ever intrepid—sneaks a camera inside (above) the tenement at 9 Avenue B that cracked up last week: "Smaller cracks could be seen around several of the front windows, and residents report deep cracks running the length of the stairwell, as well as bathtubs separating from walls, and front doors and closets that will no longer shut properly." Good times. The block remains closed to traffic.
· Developer is Asking $70m for CHARAS [The Villager]
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